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Papercraft Tutorial 1

Papercraft Tutorial 1


The first Tutorial will tell you how to browse your World of Warcraft MPQ files and how to export them to .OBJ.
Before we begin you will need a little program called “World of Warcraft Model Viewer”.

Get it from the link below:
WoW Model Viewer

Alright now install the application and launch it. It will ask you to if you want to load World of Warcraft now. Make sure you do not have World of Warcraft running in the background or else it won’t work.
When it asks you to download enUS locale files click yes. When it is done you have this window in front of you (click on the images for a larger view):

Wow Model Viewer Main Window

1 – This area houses all the categories you can explore. The most important categories are “Character” and “Creature”. In these two categories you will find all the Main and NPC Characters/Creatures.
2 – This area houses all the animation and texture options once you open up a model. The dropdown menu on the far left makes it possible to select an animation set. The dropdown menu next to this makes it possible to switch textures if available. The sliders on the right side control the frames and speed of the current animation.
3 – The Viewport.


Clicking and holding the left mouse button inside the Viewport makes it possible to rotate around the model. The right mouse button pans the camera. The scrollwheel zooms in and out. If your mouse supports it you can also click the scroll wheel and drag the mouse for and backwards to zoom in more accurately.

Alright so now you should be able to open up a model of your choice and how to select the pose you would like to export for papercrafting.


The preferred and most supported format is .OBJ. All we need to do is adjust the options so it will use .OBJ. Navigate to the “Options” menu at the top.
Click on “Export Options”. In the “Model Export Options” you can select the Wavefront OBJ format.
Model Export OptionsAlright the only thing left to do is actually export the model. To do this go to “File” and select “Export Model” and click on “Wavefront OBJ”. If you want to export very first frame of the current animation set no matter what changes you made to the options then you will have to select the option “Initial Pose Only” before clicking on “Wavefront OBJ”.
This is rarely used and i strongly advice not to use this.

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